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You know, if you cook Monkfish right, it tastes a lot like lobster tail. Brown lots of garlic in olive oil in your skillet. Add a teaspoon of tomato paste and 1/4 cup of white wine (I recommend a decent Pinot Grigio since you'll probably want to drink what's left of the bottle). Mix. Add Monkfish and cook for about 15 minutes -- depending on the size of the piece -- flipping halfway through. Otherwise, don't mess with it too much; you'll end up with reduced wine and a lovely piece of Monkfish that you should serve with a dollop of pesto on top.

Broccoli provides a good accompaniment to this fish.

Monkfish may be one of the ugliest fishes I know, but it's tasty. Little did I know that the monkfish is also known as the anglerfish, and not 2 days ago I was playing "shark and anglerfish" with a young friend of mine.

As you are from Maine, and you do live in a Metropolis, don't be so erudite to speak of the ugliest fish.

Instead, remember your old friend Robespierre from your days as a Master's student.

How does one reach you?
the robe!
where the fuck are you? are you even getting this? jesus, i'm moved.

but dewd, it IS an ugly fish. and mean.

xoxo miss ruddy
so email me or something...

i'd love to catch up...

the japanese love monkfish liver!
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